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No matter the kind of business and no matter the size of the business, we can help you save on your rates. All while giving back to our American Heroes.


Wholesale Processing Systems is proud to present Swipe4Veterans. Every time a credit card at our participating businesses is used, a donation is made to further support Veterans. As a business owner, you’ll get to show your support for our nations veterans. As a customer, your trip to your local store now has the potential not only to serve your needs but also to help homeless and disabled Veterans. 

The goal of swipe4veterans is simple: to end chronic homelessness, drug addiction and suicide among veterans in our communities


Once you join we will contact you to setup our free assessment.  Your very own personal consultant will guide you through the simple process of setting you up with the same amazing wholesale rates we are known for.

Not only will you be setup completely free but you are guaranteed to receive better rates then you originally had.

We will then donate 20% of the profits to help veterans get back to civilian life find jobs and homes. 

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